How to Make a Computer Virus

A computer virus can be developed maliciously by anyone wanting to damage systems or computers. They are hidden bits of code that connect to different programs or applications and when activated, spread like wildfire. Typically, viruses can be found in a document or program downloaded from the internet or shared via email. Many countries consider it to be illegal to create and spread viruses on computers.

In the world of computer viruses, there are several different types that can infect the machine in various ways. Some are dependent on a program to start their work and others are self-contained and can attack multiple systems without the need of a host. Computer viruses that utilize host programs to infect computers are typically called worms, while those that don’t use this method of infecting through other programs are referred to as viruses.

Certain viruses can infect a system instantly upon arrival, while others are dormant and only be activated when the user executes the code. The first computer virus was created in 1974 and behaved like a biological one by multiplying itself rapidly and damaging the system. One example of a destructive virus is Stuxnet virus specifically designed to destroy computerized centrifuges utilized to enrich the uranium.

It isn’t for the weak-hearted to attempt this method. It is a great way to test your knowledge of computer programming. There are a lot of resources that can show you how to create a virus, if you are willing and able to put into the effort.


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