How to Ensure the Integrity of Original Software Reviews

Original software reviews are written by users, based on their experiences with the software. They include both the good and the bad, and are an excellent source of information for other software buyers. However, it is important to know where reviewers’ experiences come from and what the purpose of the software they are reviewing is. Reviewers who aren’t honest can have many reasons, ranging from genuine satisfaction and a fair experience to untrue motives.

To ensure the integrity of a review, all reviews are subject to the following reviews are subject to the following checks:

Identity Check – Every review is scrutinized for key indicators, such as the name, job title, and email address to ensure that it was written by a real person. The review will not be published in the event that the reviewer is not able to be verified. Conflict of Interest Verify if the reviewer is in any way associated with the company being reviewed, or they are directly competing, their review will not appear in the media.

For clients, the same quality control and verification processes are applied to all reviews regardless of their rating or the product being evaluated. This ensures that all reviews are treated equally and without bias.

Vendors are encouraged to respond to any reviews even those with low reviews, since this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that they are listening and that they are interested in their customers’ opinions. Vendors shouldn’t try to influence reviews by incorporating the non-disparagement clause in contracts with customers since this is a violation of federal laws.


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