How Hackers Are Getting Access to Facebook Accounts

When someone has been compromised, it can ruin their reputation and cost them thousands of dollars in lost ad revenue. Dale Berry is the owner of an English preschool in Japan. He had his Facebook account compromised. Hackers made use of his account to run fraudulent ads, draining the business of his owner and destroying his reputation.

The hackers first target those who have weak passwords, for example “qwerty” or “password.” They then pretend to be a friend and request a code that will reset the password. The hackers then take advantage an additional security feature that allows users to add trusted contacts to their account in the event they forget their password. They can request these trusted friends to give them the one-time code to gain access to the account.

The purchase of stolen login details is another way hackers gain access. Recently there was a cache of 26 million Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook passwords was discovered available on the dark internet. Many of these passwords were hacked by custom Trojan malware that was able to infect millions of Windows-based computers between 2018 and 2020.

Users can protect themselves from attacks by checking that the address bar of their browser is Facebook and not some other website. They should also use an account password that includes numbers, letters and spaces, and never use the same password for other email or social media accounts. Also, they should check their notifications for activity regularly. Twitter for instance, sends out a notification whenever there’s an unusual login on a new device or location.


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