The 9 Step Engineering Process

The engineering process is the sequence of steps that engineers must follow to create and construct products. There are a variety of models of the engineering process, with fewer or additional steps. However, they all follow a similar pattern. In this article, we’ll look at a nine-step engineering design process that engineers use to tackle specific problems.

The first step of the engineering design process is the definition of the issue. This is an essential step since failing to completely and clearly define the issue could cause delays later in the design cycle. Most often, the solution to a particular issue will naturally appear in this stage. When students were asked to come up with an idea to connect their lunch hooks at school to the bottoms of their desks, they came up an easy hook.

In the next step, a requirements analysis is performed to identify the specifics of the customer’s requirements and resources. This allows you to come up with a concrete set of project requirements and constraints. For instance If a client requires their new product to be able to hold 20 pounds then the engineer will figure out how much weight the system is able to support and what the size of the hook should be in order to ensure it is able to hold the entire student’s lunches.

The next step is design synthesis, also known as design planning. This is when the specifics are formulated and a precise design of the product is made. This includes setting up the interconnections, outputs and inputs of the various modules that form the overall system. This stage includes Gantt and Pert chart spreadsheets, resource loading spreadsheets, drawings, sketches and proof-of-concept models.


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