Risks and Dangers for Small Businesses Accepting Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market has exploded as an instant, low-cost and secure payment option, and small businesses who accept it could differentiate themselves from competitors. Small-sized business owners may find it difficult to understand about cryptocurrency and its potential risks.

As opposed to fiat currency, which is governed and issued by central government agencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate without any central authority. Blockchain technology is used to record transactions onto an unchangeable and secure ledger. The absence of a central authority can help reduce the cost of transactions for businesses, which can be as low as 2 to 5 percent, compared to up to 4 percent for look here credit card transactions. It also eliminates the requirement for a bank to verify each transaction, which reduces the risk on chargebacks that are fraudulent.

Demand and scarcity are the main factors that determine the value of cryptocurrency. For instance, the number of people mining Bitcoin increases the value of the coin because it reduces the amount of money available for spending. Certain coins employ a process known as burning to increase the value of their coins by destroying a portion of the total supply.

The cryptocurrency industry is rife with scams and fraud and it’s crucial for consumers and businesses to be aware of the risks. For example there is no legitimate business that will contact you via text message, email or social media asking for money in exchange for goods or services. Never click on links in unwelcome emails. They are often phishing attempts to take your personal information or computer, such as your username and password.


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