Making Learning a Part of Life in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has brought about the replacement of a lot of our traditional methods of working and learning. This is happening both outside and within the classroom. It is clear that a new way of learning needs to be established. What can be done to achieve this? The answer is that it requires not only the creation of the infrastructure to support learning but also answering the fundamental question of what the role of education and learning in the future.

This article examines ways to make learning part of everyday life in the digital era, drawing on contributions from researchers and teachers all over the world. It is aimed at learners (including parents and students), educators and curriculum designers tech experts and researchers in the field of learning sciences, and policy makers.

There are a myriad of opinions on what digital-age learning should be. However, there is a general consensus that we must promote the co-evolution of learning and technology for communication. This should include exploring opportunities for radical new concepts of learning and for developing innovative new methods that are supported by modern communication technologies.

The fact that the majority of the uses of information technologies in education are still an “gift-wrapping” form (Fischer 1998) is among the major challenges. These technologies are utilized in conjunction with existing frameworks like instructionism, fixed curriculum, memorization and decontextualized learning. Many comparative studies use an environment that is a face-to-face base. This restricts the study to specific tasks and functions that are only accessible digitally.


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