Country Farm and Business Management

Country farm and business management covers the entire process of running an agricultural business successfully. It involves identifying what consumers want that the farm can satisfy and determining the best method to combine basic resources, like labor, land and capital to reap the highest returns. It also involves making decisions which balance social, economic and environmental factors, as well as dealing with agritourism and regulatory issues.

To become an expert in agribusiness You must first come up with an original big idea. You must also develop and practice an “elevator speech”. Next, develop a business plan to bring the idea a reality. Determine and analyze the risks associated with agribusiness that could affect your plan. Then, find the best financing solution that fits the requirements of your business.

Good farm managers regularly examine new technologies and evaluate the efficacy of current practices. They also prepare for the future. They need to be able access and interpret data quickly. This could include inputs from other farmers, extension workers, private agribusiness companies, research workers, libraries and friends. They should also have the ability to think creatively, and carry out small-scale experiments.

Budgets are a key tool in analyzing a farm business, however the high degree of variability could affect their reliability. Therefore, budgets should be supplemented with probability distributions on weather events and prices. This will enable the manager to evaluate the risk and analyze the impact of the different alternatives.


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