What is a Board Meeting?

A Board Meeting is an annual or bi-annual event in which the board of directors of a company reviews its past performance, engages with strategic discussions, and approves actions plans to aid in the expansion. The board of directors usually reviews reports on financials as well as human resources, management and other areas to decide how the company can grow in various departments or expand into new regions.

The agenda is drafted ahead of time to allow for a thoughtful and focused discussion on the most https://boarddeluxe.com/why-and-how-to-build-a-pre-ipo-board/ important issues, as in a clearly defined timeframe. A boardroom solution like Lifesize’s OnBoard ensures that discussions are focused, streamlined and maximize the time for each discussion.

Start with the most important items first and then move on to the next item. This will help keep members from getting overwhelmed by long reports and routine tasks which don’t add much to the conversation. The meeting should be devoted to discussing strategies and ways to advance.

After the board has deliberated and decided on a plan of action, it’s time to vote. This is done via a secret ballot with a chairman overseeing the voting process and tallying the votes. Transparency and objectivity are essential as well, which is why it’s essential to have a neutral observer the voting process. It is also beneficial to have an independent director who isn’t directly involved in the business on the board.


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